Karthik Musunuri

Karthik Musunuri

Company: Avstera Therapeutics Inc.

Job title: Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


Roundtable Discussion: Reviewing the Next Generation of RNA Technologies as an Alternative Candidate for Use in Cancer Vaccines 11:30 am

Revealing how sa-RNA is capable of inducing a strong immune response in the body allowing it to be an ideal candidate for use in cancer vaccines Showing how circular-RNA has been found to be more stable and resistant to degradation than other forms of RNA Investigating how si-RNA is capable of silencing specific genes that…Read more

day: Conference Day One

Roundtable Discussion: Investigating the Essential Features of Clinical Trials to Streamline mRNA Cancer Vaccines Through the Clinic & Into the Patient 3:15 pm

Considering the selection of appropriate patient populations for the clinical trial who will have a high likelihood of benefiting from the vaccine, while also ensuring that the patient population is diverse enough to accurately represent the general population Determining the appropriate dosage and schedule for administering the vaccine, as well as defining the primary and…Read more

day: Conference Day One

Discussing the Future Possibilities Available With mRNA Cancer Vaccines 3:00 pm

Exploring ways of targeting the tumor cells in-vivo Explaining whether you can target multiple tumors with the same vaccine Looking into the future of where investments should go for mRNA cancer vaccinesRead more

day: Conference Day Two

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